Arikok National Park

The Arikok National Park is Aruba's national treasure; we protect everything in it thus can you, just by going to.

Almost 20% of Aruba are a designated National Park and home to a considerable list of creature species and vegetation. The Arikok National Park is home to uncommon, extremely valuable jewels that are indigenous to our island.

The Arikok National Park is an awesome place to spend the whole day getting a charge out of the emotional landscapes. There is a little extra charge that goes towards the conservation of the park, educational programs and the animals who wander uninhibitedly all through the 7907 sections of land.

Arikok National Park is home to an assortment of remarkable attractions and social legacy destinations, including spectacular caverns, unique Indian shake illustrations, abnormal land formations produced using magma, quartz diorite and limestone, guided nature walks through dry river beds to secluded bays like Moro, Boca Prins and DOS Playa. The month to month 'Motion picture in the Park, viewing a film in outdoors under the stars, is justified regardless of a visit and a memorable experience for the whole family. Admission for this activity is free.

Palomarga International Raceway Park

Keen on an alternate affair, highlighting high speeds and spinning wheels? Visit Aruba's Palomarga Raceway Stop.

The Worldwide races at the Palomarga Raceway Stop in Aruba draw around 30,000 observers and 4,500 participants each season to appreciate the month to month races in San Nicolas.

The Universal Palomarga Raceway Stop in Aruba is a best racing office in the Caribbean where drivers go after a separation of 1/4 or 1/8 mile. The half-mile track was designed by Steve Gibbs, previous leader of the National Dragster Affiliation and is available at a little extra charge.

Aruba's racetrack has a normal of seven racing events and around twenty street-legal racing events every year. Consistently you have the chance to watch the island's own particular genius stock racing groups, going up against different drivers from various countries! Indeed, even Latin sensation Wear Omar has hustled here!

You will discover the Palomarga Raceway Stop in the edges of San Nicolas in the southern piece of the island. The recreation center highlights abundant parking space.