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VacayStore Car Rental Deals: How to Find the Perfect Fit

At VacayStore, We're often noted as the most trusted travel search site. We're free to use, and we'll compare prices for you from hundreds of car rental companies so that you can instantly compare and book. Here's how to get the most from your car rental search.

You Can Cancel Later When you Book Now.
VacayStore allows you to Get flexible car rental deals with flexible booking policies and free cancellation, so you can take advantage of the best deal with total flexibility to change your plans at the last minute.

Rent a Car for a Month
Consider renting a car for almost a month. Car rental companies usually avoid expensive admin costs between pickups by renting out cars for extended periods. See if a monthly car rental is more affordable than three weeks.

Fuel Policies Should be Compared
You can save money on fuel by looking for deals with a "full-to-full" tank policy. Most companies want you to fill the car as you pick it up, and this may be the case. Yet, with VacayStore, some offer more flexible options.

Lines Can be Skipped
When you search with us, we call it keyless or self-service pickup. No keys to pick up or paperwork to fill out means no queues. Just head to your preferred car rental location, hop in, and enjoy your VacayStore adventure.

Become more Eco-Friendly
If you want to reduce your impact on this beautiful planet, choose electric vehicles, which will be charged and ready to go when you pick them up, so you won't have to worry about fuel policies.

Take a Look at Other Options.
It's often cheaper to take public transportation to a car rental pickup location a little further away if you're on a budget. At VacayStore, we show you all the pickup locations. If your hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to the airport, you may find better deals close by where you are staying. This makes it so much easier and a much better vacation experience.

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