Butterfly Farm

Need a unique experience just strides from Palm Beach? Visit the charming Butterfly Farm, an ensured hit for all ages.

A visit to Aruba's Butterfly Farm is an unforgettable experience with nature in all its beauty and diversity. Advance into a tropical garden teeming with butterflies, the world's most colorful animals.

Observe the life cycle of these fascinating animals from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Our visit aides will engage you with commentary on butterfly propensities and the miracle of metamorphosis.

The butterfly farm is an uncommon open door for photography and a beyond any doubt enchant for guests of all ages. Arrive before the actual arranged time in the day and witness new butterflies rising up out of their chrysalis and taking their first flight.

Exceptional offer: Your admission ticket gives you a free pass for whatever is left of your vacation, so come at a very early stage in your vacation and visit us as frequently as you like.

The Butterfly Farm is located in the well known Palm Beach region, only opposite the Aruba Divi Phoenix.

Donkey Sanctuary

The particular get of the donkey rings out in an appreciated salute as visitors approach Aruba's Donkey Sanctuary. Warm gags shut in to inspect new arrivals and to offer an additional greeting.

The Bringamosa-based sanctuary invites guests, offering information and tours through the grounds. Guests can appreciate a comfortable visitor center, a chilly drink on the secured porch or purchase unique donkey-themed gifts and souvenirs in the gift shop. A visit to the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is justified regardless of your while.

Once the significant method of transportation for island residents, donkeys were left adrift in current circumstances, with autos now trundling down a similar cactus lined pathways where they once voyaged, conveying travelers and pulling trucks. The thought for a sanctuary, where these adored creatures can experience their lives in a protected domain, turned into a reality in 1997. After right around 20 years at Santa Clause Lucia, the Donkey Sanctuary moved to a new, and larger location in Bringamosa to house its 130 donkeys.

Philip's Animal Garden

Imagine a fun outing with the entire family to Philip's Animal Garden where you get the opportunity to meet diverse exotic animals.

Following quite a while of saving and adopting abused and abandoned animals, Philip Merryweather has transformed his adoration for exotic animals into a world-class shelter and recovery center.

Philip's Animal Garden is putting forth up interactive and educational tours, where you can appreciate a very close experience with more than 50 species of exotic animals from around the globe.

Visitors are invited to see, touch and even feed some of the garden's exotic inhabitants. Tours are offered each half hour between 9am to 5pm, seven days seven days.

Aruba Ostrich Farm

Meeting one of the largest prehistoric-like birds in the world more often than not doesn't strike a chord when considering Aruba.

However ostriches locate a perfect home in Aruba's rugged landscape. A flock of roughly 80 of the largest living species in the world are truly holding up to meet you at the Aruba Ostrich Farm.

The excitement just gets higher in the wake of meeting these enormous birds and giving them a chance to eat off the top of your head with their huge powerful beaks. These enormous birds additionally lay the largest eggs in the world and if accessible amid your visit you get the chance to feel and measure them yourself.

The tour gives the opportunity to learn about the natural conduct and survival instincts of these stunning creatures through definite information and additionally personal experiences with the birds. Previously or after the tour, guests are invited to scrutinize the African Workmanship Shop, stuffed with authentic merchandise from South Africa.

Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory

Educate yourself and experience how the healing miracle plant aloe turned into Aruba's main fare item.

In 1840, the aloe vera wonder plant was presented in Aruba. Before long, 66% of Aruba's surface was covered with aloe vera plants and Aruba turned into the world's biggest aloe exporter.

The principal aloe vera plants were planted on 150 sections of land of land at the Hato plantation which is as yet utilized today to grow the aloe for all Aruba aloe products. You can visit the aloe plantation, alongside our aloe exhibition hall and factory amid day by day guided tours.

Our visit aides will clarify all of you about the aloe plant and its uses and you will have the chance to take in about the 160-year old aloe history of Aruba in the historical center which is a national depository for ancient aloe instruments and hardware with a total library on the history, make and qualities of aloe vera.

All Aruba Aloe body, sun and hair care products can be obtained at our factory store.

Archaeological Museum

You’ll be amazed at what has been preserved in time in downtown Oranjestad in the historic Ecury family home now museum.

The renovated historic Ecury complex in downtown Oranjestad has been transformed from a family home to a modern museum that preserves Aruba’s Amerindian cultural heritage.

The oldest part is a cunucu house built in 1870 by the grandparents of Boy Ecury, a young Aruban hero of World War II who lived in the house from 1922 – 1937. The newest section is a large mansion built in 1929, now housing a 21st century museum especially designed to preserve valuable artifacts.

Special technology allows visitors to take an active role in discovering the past. Indian artifacts dating back the Pre-Ceramic period of 2500 BC are on display for your discovery.

Also of interest is the cistern used by the Ecury family to store rainwater gathered from the roof. Expositions include a film on ancient Amerindian life from the Field Museum in Chicago and works by contemporary island artists with historical themes.