Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival May 23 - 29, 2018

The Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival is held on memorial Day end of the week which features five days of occasions. It gloats a really one of a kind and extraordinary three-in-one experience including unrecorded music exhibitions, drama appears, beach parties.

The Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival is an elegant, two-night show arrangement that has highlighted such specialists as Mary J. Blige, Tony Braxton, Alicia Keys, Sinbad, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-yo, Babyface, Robin Thicke, Charlie Wilson,Trey Songz, The Isley Siblings, including Ronald and Ernest Isley, artist musician Rhapsody and Jazmine Sullivan, Usher, The Roots, and Cedric the Performer!

This celebration is additionally mainstream for its after club parties around evening time and beach parties amid the day.

Experience San Nicolas May 26, 2018

Next time you are prepared to encounter something other than what's expected on your Saturday excursion, consider San Nicolas… a short separation away … however a huge improvement. In Dawn City you will have the capacity to experience a city that is rich in valid culture and island beguile. We are prepared to welcome your visit and offer you a paramount Sunday in a legitimate and comfortable condition. In the core of the town we will sit tight for you with an assortment of alternatives: sustenance, craftsmanship, historical center, creates, workshops, music and considerably more.

You can investigate all the d participating venues, encompassed and adorned with fabulous paintings. Come and experience everything and let San Nicolas help you to remember its Caribbean charm and warm hospitality.


28 Apr, 09.00-13.00 | King's day

26 May, 09.00-13.00 | Museum Week

30 Jun 18.00 - 22.00 | Summer nights 

28 Jul, 09.00-13.00Staycation

25 Aug, 09.00-13.00 | Back to school 

29 Sep, 09.00-13.00 | Tourism month

27 Oct, 09.00-13.00 Teacher appreciation 

01 Dec, 18.00-22.00 | X-mas edition

Aruba Summer Music Festival June 29 - July 01, 2018

The Aruba Summer Music Festival is a yearly celebration held amid the most recent seven day stretch of June which is gone to by many local people and guests. Held at Harbor Square Field, it highlighted jolting exhibitions by global Latin Grammy grant victors and in addition Aruba's best neighborhood groups, all showing an assortment of melodic classes.

Latin music fans are excited about the lineup during the current year's Aruba Summer Music Festival, highlighting top salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and soca specialists. In only four years, the ASMF has developed into a standout amongst the most expected and biggest Latin music celebrations in the Caribbean and South America.

Opening the celebration are Ozuna, Nacho, and three of Aruba's most prominent groups — Buleria, NFuzion, and D' Licious. The second night of the ASMF will include Victor Manuelle, Fonseca, Whirlpool Herrera, and Felipe Pelaez.

Soca music assumes control on the last night with Kes, from Trinidad and Tobago, joined by nearby soca top choices Le Score and Torrent.

Past main events were top names in the Latin music scene, for example, Pitbull, Carlos Vives, Jerry Rivera, Elvis Crespo, Nicky Stick, Carlos Vives, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Gente de Zona, Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Clause Rosa, Maluma, and Zion and Lennox.

KLM Aruba Marathon June 03, 2018

The first version of the KLM Aruba Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K will be hung on the third of June 2018.

The Race is AIMS/IAAF ensured and this road race is sorted out on the most astounding International level. Every member enrolled before May tenth, will get a customized begin number/Bib tag, Mylaps time enlistment, a Prize winning Medal and a complimentary Cotton Event Shirt. The free Aruba Marathon App including Track and Trace is accessible at the App store or Google play.

The DRI FIT Running Shirt, Pasta Party and philanthropy gift are optional.The lovely course will demonstrate to you the best of Aruba, will take you along the from Palm Beach up to the acclaimed California Lighthouse and Eagle Beach. We expect Runners and Walkers from all around the globe and our principle complaint is to make this race for everyone remarkable.

Dera Gai (St. John's Day) June 24, 2018

Aruba's gather celebration is presently a social festival highlighting conventional melody and move. The symbol of the rooster and bright yellow and red costumes are central to events held at various locations including community centers.

Dera Gai which means "burying of the rooster" in the local language is a social celebration which has been commended for around 100 years with conventional melody and move. This occasion is overflowing with both agnostic and Christian imagery mirroring the impacts of the Arawak natives and Spanish missionaries on the Island, separately.

Customarily, the Dera Gai festivity was based on an unordinary custom. A gap was dove in the ground, and a live chicken was buried up to its neck. Blindfolded revelers would then be given three tries to execute the chicken with a long shaft (piñata-style). (The Catholics viewed this custom as representative of the execution of St. John the Baptist while the agnostics trusted that the spilling of the blood would treat the earth for the following developing season.) The one to do the deed was compensated with containers of liquor and different prizes.

Today, a more accommodating methodology is taken. For instance, at the Dera Gai festivity in Santa Cruz, one of the greatest Dera Gai festivities on the island, revelers are blindfolded and entrusted with finding a banner staked into the ground while swinging their hips to the rhythms of a band. From time to time, the facilitator of the diversion tricks the blindfolded members by moving the banner while the amusement is in advance. People move bunches likewise reenact the covering and execution of the chicken utilizing a plastic chicken. Decked out in bright yellow-and-red costumes-the yellow said to represent the bloom of the local kibrahacha tree in the month of June-these groups also perform harvest dance rituals.

Numerous years prior, bonfires were built on the eve of St. John's Day with a specific end goal to impart the landing of the holidays to the neighbors. The old clippings from the earlier year's gather would be singed in anticipation of the coming developing season. These days, the flames are scorched expansive on St. John's Day itself, filling in as an olfactory indication of this exceptional nearby celebration. For more data contact the Department of Culture Aruba.

Aruba Carnival January 06 - February 11, 2018

Aruba's Festival is the greatest party of the year - a month-long festival with astounding parades.

Get into the soul of Aruba's greatest gathering of the year - a month-long festival with happy road parties known as "jump-ups", ruler races, where lovelies of any age swagger their stuff, and staggering parades!

Aruba Fair occasions are associated with their intense music: winning tunes chose at festival rivalries in Aruba incorporate the best calypso with politically-charged verses and social editorials, and the best street walk with infectious verses, songs and developments all perform together. Genuine hits like "do the wiper", "hit the floor", and "jump with your towel" are as yet popular years after the fact.

Grand Parades in San Nicolas and Oranjestad are the greatest festival gatherings of the season and close down the two urban communities. Under the blasting sun, marchers in dazzling feathered and sequined formal attire are joined by inventive moving street pieces and gigantic music machines on wheels. Each parade comprises of around 10 to 15 festival groups, eflected by the group's floats and costumes. Some carnival groups in Aruba have hundreds of participants. Members invest months setting up their glittery—and regularly scarcely there-ensembles. A portion of the ensembles are so gigantic and overwhelming that they trail their proprietors on wheels. Each Carnaval group shimmies to the beat of its own band positioned on a truck that moves alongside the group.
Covering the avenues along the courses of the Terrific Parades are trailers of every kind imaginable; numerous observers are likewise cheerful just to remain along the edge of the street. A soul of fellowship and cheerful expectation is felt by all as the hours of holding up are loaded with nourishment and drink, welcome and mingling. Carnival in Aruba is way too much fun to miss!

Here are a few features of the wild and great Aruba Carnaval festivals and parades ahead: The Lighting Parade is a twinkling nighttime extravaganza.

Small lights sewn into outfits make an enchanted impact as marchers advance along the Aruba festival parade course.

The evening Children’s Parades highlight gatherings of lovable smaller than usual marchers in innovative and vivid outfits. These are proficient preparations sorted out and managed by guardians.

The Grand Carnival Parade in Aruba's second capital San Nicolas begins with jouvert morning, a mix pajama gathering and bounce up, starting in the small hours and enduring until sunrise.

The Grand Carnival Parade in Oranjestad happens on the next day, making for a depleting yet elating end of the week. This is the biggest and longest of all the Aruba Festival parades with the most observers and members.

The midnight burning of King Momo, a life-size effigy of the spirit of Aruba's Carnival, signals the end of the season.

Aruba's Lighting Parade February 03, 2018

The Aruba Lighting Parade is one of Aruba's most loved carnival parades, held in downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba's most loved night carnival parade is a visual treat: a great many little lights are fused into outfits, street pieces and buoys, heightening the sensational impact to an effectively staggering, imaginative show.

Live groups go with the different partaking carnival gatherings. Held in downtown Oranjestad, the parade starts at 8:00 p.m and finishes at 2:00am.

Jouvert Morning February 03, 2018

This energizing jump-up starts at 4 a.m. and proceeds until dawn in the core of San Nicolas.

Set the wake up timer! An early morning open welcome to Aruba's biggest "jump-up" is stretched out to festival devotees all through the island. Famously known as the "pajama party," thousands of individuals assemble in San Nicolas to take after the different unrecorded music bands down the city streets blasting soca and calypso music.

Time: 4:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Course: Joe Laveist Game Stop, Pastoor Hendrikstraat – Caya Dick Cooper – Caya Skipper H. Rodger – Lagoweg – Bernhardstraat – Vuylestekestraat – Pastoor Hendrikstraat – closes at Joe Laveist Game Stop

Aruba Cycling Race March 18, 2018

The Aruba Cycling Federation arranges one of the greatest cycling occasions of the year, on our National Flag and Anthem Day.

The Aruba Cycling Federation, privately known as "Aruba Wieler Bond-seccion MTB" has a yearly custom of sorting out one of the greatest cycling occasions of the year, on Aruba's National Flag and Anthem Day.

There are four classifications for kids who take two unique circuits, and in addition diverse classes and circuits for people. Members begin at Seroe Colorado. All members begin in the meantime and ride together to the complete at Jara (at Eatery La Granja in Savaneta). Seeing this expansive gathering of mountain bikers ride on the fundamental street from San Nicolas heading Savaneta is absolutely a yearly feature for onlookers.

The National Anthem and Flag Day March 18th

The National Anthem and Flag Day holiday is held every year on March 18th and observes Aruba's independence.

A solid feeling of pride is shown every year as Arubans praise their Flag and Anthem Day. On Walk 18, 1948, the Aruban government official Shon A. Eman introduced the main formal proposition for Aruba's detachment from the Netherlands Antilles. In 1976, twenty after eight years to the day, political pioneer Betico Croes proclaimed the main Flag and Anthem Day. Arubans are particularly glad for their lovely anthem, "Aruba Dushi Tera," a waltz made by three out of Aruba's praised craftsmen: Juan Chabaya "Padu" Lampe, Rufo Wever, and Hubert Booi. An exceptional masterpiece can be acknowledged at Square Padu situated at downtown Oranjestad which is committed to the arrangers of the anthem.

This devoted holiday is commended with a scout parade, a great auto parade, donning occasions, numerous social occasions exhibiting gastronomy of Aruba, and amusements all through the island for children and grown-ups.


Aruba International Half Marathon (21K) March 25, 2018

Aruba International Half Marathon is Aruba's longest road race.
Aruba welcomes competitors from around the world to participate in Aruba’s longest road race covering the length of the island from San Nicolas to Oranjestad. The race begins at 5:00 a.m.
The course starts in front of Joe Laveist Sport Park in San Nicolas and ends in front of Alhambra Casino Aruba. This event usually takes place in March.
Contact IBISA at (297) 582-4987 or Fax: (297) 583-6478 email / for additional information or registration.

Good Friday March 30, 2018

Great Friday is an official Aruba holiday

Great Friday in Aruba is an official holiday and structures the beginning of the long Easter end of the week and the beginning of the Sacred Week, "Semana Santa" in Papiamento. As most Arubans are Catholics, numerous local people go to church in remembrance of Jesus' demise. An uncommon occasion is held every year at the church in Dakota, starting at 10 am.


As Great Friday is an official Aruban holiday, you can expect shops, gasoline stations, grocery stores to close early or remain shut the whole day.

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday April 01 - 02, 2018

Easter and Easter Monday are official holidays in Aruba.

Easter and Easter Monday is a open holidays in Aruba and alongside Great Friday, these holidays shape a long Easter occasion weekend. Heaps of Arubans go to church, visit their families, take an interest in egghunts yet the greatest Easter custom of all is Beach camping!

For quite a long time officially whole families haul out their tents and change a few beaches of Aruba into finish campgrounds. Particularly the beaches of Palm Beach, Hadicurari Beach and Baby Beach are pressed with tents and ad libbed kitchens.

On the beaches before the lodgings in Palm Beach anyway camping is restricted. The inns and resorts in Aruba amid Easter host a few Easter informal breakfast smorgasbords and offer extraordinary Easter menus. Reserve your spot on time, since they're extremely well known!

On Easter and Easter Monday every one of the shops and workplaces are shut in Aruba, yet the facilities in and around the inns are open as should be expected. On Easter Sunday there will be a mass given in English at the St. Anna church in Noord at 11:00 am. At the shopping centers in Palm Beach and Oranjestad uncommon child inviting occasions are sorted out, for example, egg chasing rivalries.

International Boulevard Race (10K) April 27, 2018

The International Boulevard Race attracts many sprinters worldwide to contend in Aruba's most mainstream running race.

Aruba's most mainstream running race draws more than 200 contenders from nations including Aruba, Venezuela, Colombia, Netherlands Antilles, USA, and Holland.

This 10K donning occasion has been composed for more than 55 years and for the most part happens in April.

It begins at 5:30 p.m. on L.G. Smith Blvd. what's more, closes at the Marriott parking area.

Passage structures will be issued in February.

King's Day April 27, 2018

Aruba celebrates the birthday of King Willem Alexander consistently on April 27.

King's Day is an official Aruban occasion as the Netherlands, Aruba and the other Dutch Caribbean islands commend the birthday of King Willem Alexander consistently on April 27.

An official government function to pay tribute to the King Willem Alexander is typically held at the Wilhelmina Stop in downtown Oranjestad, where the general population can appreciate a parade of Aruba's military and exploring gatherings.

Various donning occasions, exciting road fairs, kite flying contests, and family-accommodating festivals are taking spot all around the island.


As King's day is an official Aruban occasion, you can expect shops, fuel stations, grocery stores to close early or remain shut the whole day.

Aruba Food Truck Festival April 28 - 29, 2018

Ready to experience the deliciousness of our “cuminda di truck?”

Take a bite at every “cuminda di truck”, and be surprised what the streets of Aruba have to offer you! Savor the best of Aruba’s Food Trucks during Eat Local’s: Food Truck edition.
This event takes place on the last weekend of April.
All of the islands best food trucks gathered in one place! Experience sizzling dishes and let your taste buds go wild. Bring your friends and family and enjoy great food, craft beers and live music. Eat, drink, and chill the night away.

The event is a family event, in which we welcome everyone to enjoy, and to bring their beach chairs as there will be great ambiance and live music during the festival.

For more information visit Eat Local Aruba Facebook page
*Please bring cash *

Flip Flop Festival April 28 - 30, 2018

Join one of the greatest beach festivals in Aruba!

One of the greatest beach celebration in the Caribbean happens yearly toward the finish of Spring and respects an international line-up of DJ's, groups and rap craftsmen.

The celebration has become one of the greatest beach festivals with thousands in participation on one of Aruba's best beaches.

The celebration encounter begins with its opening gathering at Aruba's freshest club E-Movements Aruba. The next day the headliner on the beach begins at 5 pm and keeps running till 2 am. On Sunday loosen up at the selective pool party at The Renaissance Resort and Casino pool deck. Tickets and uncommon VIP Bundles ( Gold and Platinum ) are accessible online.

AHATA Recycled Art Competition May 07 - 11, 2018

See beautiful recycled art during the annual Ahata Recycled Art Competition.

This public awareness campaign for adults and kids promotes the collection and re-use of old articles to create recycled art.
This event takes place in May at the Cas di Cultura, Aruba's local theatre.

Ascension Day May 10, 2018

The Christian doctrine of the Ascension.

An official occasion. Ascension Day is the festival of Christ climbing into paradise after His demise, burial and resurrection. Ascension Day is watched fundamentally in Catholic and Anglican houses of worship around the island.


Ascension Day in Aruba is an official Aruban occasion, so you can expect shops, fuel stations, grocery stores to close early or remain shut the whole day.

Aruba Summer Music Festival June 29 - July 01, 2018

The Aruba Summer Music Festival highlights universal Grammy grant winning specialists and in addition Aruba's best bands!

The Aruba Summer Music Festival is an annual festival held amid the most recent seven day stretch of June which is gone to by several locals and guests. Held at Harbor Square Arena, it featured electrifying performances by universal Latin Grammy grant champs and additionally Aruba's best local bands, all displaying an assortment of musical types.

Latin music fans are excited about the lineup during the current year's Aruba Summer Music Festival, highlighting top salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and soca craftsmen. In only four years, the ASMF has advanced into a standout amongst the most foreseen and biggest Latin music festivals in the Caribbean and South America.

Opening the festival are Ozuna, Nacho, and three of Aruba's most famous bands — Buleria, NFuzion, and D' Licious. The second night of the ASMF will highlight Victor Manuelle, Fonseca, Vortex Herrera, and Felipe Pelaez.

Soca music assumes control on the last night with Kes, from Trinidad and Tobago, joined by local soca top choices Le Section and Wave.

Past main events were top names in the Latin music scene, for example, Pitbull, Carlos Vives, Jerry Rivera, Elvis Crespo, Nicky Stick, Carlos Vives, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, Gente de Zona, Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Clause Rosa, Maluma, and Zion and Lennox.

Aruba HI-Winds July 03 - 09, 2018

One of Aruba's longest running sporting events is the annual Aruba Hi-Winds!

Thanks to our highly favorable wind and water conditions and year-round pleasant weather, Aruba is a windsurfing mecca, and for more than three decades, the sport’s largest amateur competition has been held right here on the island.  Along the way, kite boarding was added to the competition events.   Our local community embraces this sport, with many of our youth spending afternoons and weekends on the water with the wind in their sails, joined by the adults (we are all still kids at heart, after all!) who love to escape the stresses of everyday life for an exhilarating session on the water.  In fact, the reigning PWA 14-time World Champion is local darling Sarah-Quita Offringa.

Every year, thousands of vacationers come to the island just to windsurf, while many others have enjoyed their first experience with the sport, learning from one of the several windsurf schools on the island.  And just about anyone can learn—a 30-minute session on land to learn the basics, followed by another 30 minutes of instruction in the water will have you sailing on your own the same day!

The Aruba Hi-Winds is dominated by amateur competitors classified by sex and age, but there is also a PRO category.  Race events include slalom and long-distance courses for both windsurfers and kite boarders.  All events are held at Fisherman’s Huts.

Even if you are not a competitor, the atmosphere is beach electric and contagious!  Not only are the competitions exciting to watch—especially the Kite Boarding Big Air competition—but the festivities surrounding the event, including beach chic fashion shows, live concerts, and beach parties, create a fun beach culture to experience! 

There will also be a Hi-Winds mountain bike race and fun run-walk, held on Saturday, July 7.

The Aruba Hi-Winds will take place this July 3-9 at Fisherman’s Huts, just a skip down the beach from The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba. For more information on race and event times, visit the website at

Events include slalom, long-distance and freestyle for windsurfing, and freestyle and long-distance for kite boarding. Kiting events take place primarily at Boca Grandi on the southeast coast.

Contact the Aruba Tourism Authority or visit for additional information.

Children's Grand Carnival Parade in Oranjestad January 28, 2018

The biggest children's parade of Aruba Carnival occurring in downtown Oranjestad.

The biggest children's parade includes the majority of the island's diverse Carnival groups to frame Aruba's Terrific Children's Carnival parade. Hundreds of children appreciate the chance to show off their moving skills and beautiful costumes. Held in downtown Oranjestad.

Time: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Course: Avenida Milo Croes – Vondellaan – LG Smith Street – Adriaan Lacle Lane – Wilhelminastraat

Aruba Wine & Dine Restaurant Week July 01 - 30, 2018

The Aruba Wine and Dine Restaurant Week highlights 9 distinct restaurants offering 3 course menus at exceptional costs.

Regardless of whether you incline toward burgers or lobster, the shoreline or downtown, there is an Aruba Wine and Dine part for you. Look over seven partaking foundations offering something for everybody. From the fine feasting brilliance to family-fun and tapes, or a charcoal-flame broiled supper, or experience a crisp catch of the day, acquired by the local fisherman's. Unwind and appreciate a shoeless supper on the shoreline, or go hard and fast for nightlife and salsa moving and complete your night with a Caribbean mixed drink by the moonlight.

The Restaurant Week permits everybody with a propensity for an awesome supper to go out with companions, spend lavishly and pay a crazy low cost. The restaurants of the Aruba Wine And Dine (AWD) amass are putting forth an uncommon cost for full menus.

Aruba Symphony Festival July 20 - 29, 2018

The Aruba Symphony Festival brings together international musicians and Aruban talents for a 8-day musical festival.

The Aruba Symphony Festival is a yearly festival that intends to add to Aruba's cultural growth by organizing concerts, classes, meetings, and other aesthetic related occasions and exercises.

This musical and social undertaking brings musicians from everywhere throughout the world to join in front of an audience to introduce the Aruba Symphony Orchestra and the Nuevo Mundo Chamber Orchestra.

More than 100 musicians arrive in Aruba and during 8 intensive days of music, visitor craftsmen and understudies from more than 15 nations, give the cheerful island a life-changing knowledge with concerts, workshops, and classes drove by commended musicians from everywhere throughout the globe.

Under the introduce of "“We are all equal before the Music", and recognizing the energy of music itself as an instrument to have any kind of effect in a general public's advance, the Nuevo Mundo Foundation has been made in Aruba as a mechanism of cultural and social transformation.

Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament August 24 - 26, 2018

Playing Golf on Aruba is now an awesome experience while participating in an international tournament is much more fun!

Professional and amateur golfers team up in a two-day, 36-opening tournament featuring blessings, prizes, and extraordinary occasions. The Annual Aruba International Pro Am Golf Tournament happens at the Tierra del Sol Golf course, an excellent terrain at the rural North bank of the island. This occasion more often than not happens in August.

About the course: This challenging Robert Trent Jones, Jr. design measures 6,811 yards from the tips and provides golfers with a desert format like links courses of the American Southwest and tremendous ocean sees. Facilitated 1998 Shell's a Wonderful World of Golf and Senior PGA TOURS' Aces Championship in 1996 and 1997. 2006 and 2007 World Cup qualifiers.

Housing: Tierra del Sol Resort and Golf offers luxury 2 and 3 room apartment suites, suites and estates, which are situated on the golf course. Every one of the units are completely outfitted with focal a/c, satellite TV and a lot of private space.

Tierra del Sol's Aruba International Pro-Am Package includes:

Luxury lodging in 2 and 3 room townhouses, suites and estates.

Every day housekeeping administration.

Free access to the shoreline

Complimentary utilization of our pool region, wellness focus, tennis court, dry sauna and steam room.

For extra information and reservation please contact the reservations work area at (297) 586 7800 or

Contact Tierra Del Sol at for tournament enlistment. For more information of the tournament please contact James Kiley on (297) 586 7800 ext 222 or

In the interest of the Aruba Tourism Authority and the Tournament Organizing Committee, we are looking forward to welcoming you and your team to the current year's tournament.

Turibana to Santa Cruz 10K Race September 09, 2018

Participate in the Turibana to Santa Cruz 10k Race at dawn!

A unique way to experience an Aruban sunrise is during this open road race that starts at 5:30 a.m. at Panaderia del Campo in Noord and finishes at the Betico Croes Sports Complex in Santa Cruz.

This race usually takes place in August.

Contact IBISA for more information.

Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival September 20 - 21, 2018

The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival is one of Aruba's longest running melodic occasions.

The Caribbean Sea Jazz festival lights Aruba's music scene with a noteworthy lineup of universal and nearby jazz, Latin, soul, and funk musicians at Renaissance Marketplace. It isn't just about music; the vibrating climate, sustenance stands, and various bars influence this an unforgettable, one of a kind to involvement. There is a four-day warm-up going before the festival held at littler, imply settings. Well known highlighted craftsmen at past festivals incorporate George Benson, Candy Dulfer, David Sanborn, Chaka Khan, Oscar d' Leon, Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Prince Royce, Grupo Niche, Earth, Wind and Fire Experience and Kool and the Gang.

Contact Caribbean Sea Foundation for more data.

Setting: Renaissance Marketplace downtown

Aruba Reef Care Project September 23, 2018

Aruba Reef Care Project is an annual beach and reef clean up event.

If you are in search of a great eco-tourism opportunity, join more than 800 participants from both the local community and those visiting us from abroad for the island’s largest volunteer initiative. A cleanup of the island’s most popular beaches and dive and snorkel sites helps raise awareness for a clean marine environment. Contact Mr. Castro Perez at Tel. (297) 740-0797 or for additional information.

Aruba Art Fair September 28 - 30, 2018

Aruba Art Fair is a yearly art festival where international artists and local artists make street art.

The Aruba Art fair comprises of various components, for example, a Culinary Art Competition, Building Take Overs (Visual Art), Art TV Program, Art Magazine, School Art Contest, Sculpture Making and the 3-Day Art Fair in San Nicolas.

The 3-day fair in San Nicolas is where locals and international artists perform live art and show their showstoppers. The fair is combined with other types of art, for example, music, move and other inventive types of articulation.

The Aruba Art Fair is back for the second release, being held September 28-30, 2018.

Every one of the three days of the fair will include various art compositions, local nourishment and drink, music, move, verse, and an assortment of live entertainment. The genuine works of art of the Aruba Art Fair, the splendid street art and graffiti art, will be finished by celebrated around the world international artists and nearby artists. To date, seven visiting artists are affirmed, including: Jorit Chi (Italy), known for his astoundingly practical representations; the stunning huge scale symbolism of Odeith (Portugal); Adele Renault (Belgium), a photograph reasonable artist; Okudart (Spain), worshipped for his brand of pop surrealism; visual artist and illustrator Addfuel (Portugal); and Dutch graffiti artists Dopie and Leon Keer.

Those that are not here on the island to partake in the Aruba Art Fair can in any case appreciate the amazing street art, which will live on in San Nicolas, alongside a year ago's eminent street art, for all to appreciate.

Check the site for the entire program and the most recent news.

Setting: San Nicolas

Contact Mr. Bolivar Tel +(297) 593 4475 or visit for extra

Fire Prevention 10k & 5k Run September 30, 2018

Aruba Fire Prevention Run is a 10k and 5 k race open for locals and visitors.

Visitors who need to practice for a decent purpose, can take an interest in the annual Fire Prevention 10k and 5k run. This race is available to all nearby and going to runners (and walkers), and takes after a roundabout course that starts and finishes at the Fire House in Tanki Flip.

This occasion as a rule happens in September.

Presidential Challenge Aruba Cup October 18 - 21, 2018

The Presidential Challenge Aruba Cup is an annual bill fishing competition that takes place at Varadero.

The dates coincide with the height of the marlin season and is, therefore, a great opportunity to catch blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish and compete for the coveted “Grand Slam” of all three billfish species in one day.

For more information on this event, please email tournament coordinator Joan Vernon at

National Coastal Clean Up November 03, 2018

Help tidy up our beaches and coastline!

Supported by the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, this national cleanup day focuses on areas close and along the coastline: Surfside to Wilhelmina Park, the beaches of Arikok National Park, California sand ridges, Wariruri, Baby Beach, Bachelor's Beach, Boca Grandi, Zeewijk Beach, Mangel Halto, Santo Largo, Arashi, Anaboei, and the open area between the previous Bushiri Hotel and the Tamarijn Beach Resort.

Those island guests inspired by enhancing their get-away by joining this Aruba voluntourism activity are welcome to Join! Gloves, gathering bags and refreshments are given at this environmental event to a green and clean Aruba!

Contact Vanessa Rasmussen at AHATA for more data.

Aruba Beach Tennis Open November 11 - 18, 2018

The World's Biggest Beach Tennis Competition

Beach tennis is on of the fastest growing sports in the world, and Aruba was the first Caribbean island to embrace it. The event is the biggest and most popular beach tennis event held in the world, attracting more than 1,000 expert and beginner players from around the world who come for the beach tennis activity as well as for exciting atmosphere, music, and events on the white sands of Eagle Beach.

On the off chance that you can't influence it to the Aruba To beach Tennis Open however you would like to take after the competitions, don't stress! ll major competitions taking place from Thursday through Sunday will be broadcasted on the live stream site. Tap on the catch underneath to go to the live stream site.

Annual participating countries are: Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bonaire, Brazil, Canada, Curaçao, France, Germany, Guadeloupe, Italy, Netherlands, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin (French part), Slovenia, Spain, United States, and Venezuela.

With competitions taking spot on 35 courts this event certainly is the biggest beach tennis competition of the world!


Join the enjoyment on Eagle Beach and cheer for you group! No extra charge.

Interpaso November 23 - 25, 2018

Interpaso Aruba is a showdown of Paso Fino horses from Latin America and the Caribbean competing in different categories

Interpaso is organized by OCA, the Aruban Horse Riding Organization. A must-see if you enjoy Paso Fino show horses, horse riding, horse competitions, and an exciting, local ambiance!
Contact Mrs. Betty Werleman at Tel. (297)563-5878 or for additional information.

Saint Nicolas Day December 05, 2018

Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten show up at multiple children's occasion around the island amid his remain.

The Aruban children all hold up anxiously on the entry of 'Sinterklaas' by pontoon at the port of Oranjestad. The minister of Spain is being joined by his helpers 'Zwarte Pieten' and they spread around gifts and candies to the children waiting. Days before his entry the children of Aruba put out their shoes and ideally, on the off chance that they have been great amid the year, get their presence in that shoe the following morning. Amid his stay, Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten show up at multiple children's occasion around the island.

Sinterklaas is a Dutch occasion figure speaking to Saint Nicholas, a third century religious administrator who turned into the patron saint of children and had an affinity for giving endowments. In mid-November, Arubans welcome Sinterklaas, his white stallion, and a handful of helpers-called Zwarte Pieten-as they cruise into Aruba's harbor from Spain. (Saint Nicholas was additionally the patron saint of mariners.) A parade takes after, with Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten tossing treats to the children. When paving the way to the sixth, Sinterklaas-with his long white facial hair, saintly clothing, and brilliant staff-is hard to miss as he and his helpers show up at occasions supported by schools and organizations the whole way across the Island.

Sinterklaas is a Dutch occasion figure speaking to Saint Nicholas, a third century religious administrator who turned into the patron saint of children and had an affinity for giving endowments. In mid-November, Arubans welcome Sinterklaas, his white stallion, and a handful of helpers-called Zwarte Pieten-as they cruise into Aruba's harbor from Spain. (Saint Nicholas was additionally the patron saint of mariners.) A parade takes over, with Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten tossing treats to the children. When paving the way to the sixth, Sinterklaas-with his long white facial hair, saintly clothing, and brilliant staff-is hard to miss as he and his helpers show up on occasions supported by schools and organizations the whole way across the Island.

The custom of the Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters) conveys with it changing clarifications. One clarification guarantees that the Swat Pieten are designed according to a youthful slave named Peter, who was liberated by St. Nicholas. In appreciation, Peter chose to help his deliverer in his blessing giving obligations.

Aruba Fashion Week December 14 - 16, 2018

The Aruba Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the Caribbean, held on the One happy island.

With more than 250 designer stores selling luxury brand apparel, jewelry and footwear, Aruba is the Caribbean’s mecca for fashion enthusiasts. But besides fashion, there is a wide variety of activities and events for the entire family to enjoy during the annual Aruba Fashion Week.

Boxing Day (December 26th) December 26, 2018 | Holiday Season

Boxing Day is an official Aruba holiday.

Boxing Day is an official holiday on Aruba, which is a Dutch tradition originated from the colonial days. All the workplaces and stores are shut. The hotels, their facilities and most restaurants and bars will be open as normal. A considerable measure of restaurants serve special christmas menus and holding a table is suggested, because Christmas and New Years are one of the busiest days on Aruba.

Christmas on Aruba is a fantastic time to appreciate the island. The air is somewhat crisper and the island shows her greenest fauna. Make a trek at night and appreciate all the decorated houses, roundabouts and gardens turning Aruba into a tropical (winter) wonderland!

Amid the holidays you can attend Christmas mass in one of the many holy places and chapels. Bear in mind to visit the special Christmas show in Seroe Preto in San Nicolas. Here you will locate the greatest Christmas lights show of the island and the main attraction amid the holidays!