Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Aruba. It is the widest beach on the island and hosts powdery white sand and crystal clear water. It offers side-street parking, water sports, beach chairs, shady tree areas, picnic areas, and dining.  It even won TripAdvisor's 3rd Best Beach in the World Award this year! 

Eagle Beach is a nesting ground for turtles and a few months out of the year you may find markers in the sand to identify the nesting spots. For those of you turtle enthusiasts, you may find Green Turtles, Loggerhead Turtles, Hawksbill Turtles and Leatherback Turtles here in Aruba.

At this particular beach stands two of the most well-known and photographed Fofoti trees in Aruba. The trees are quite popular and you will see them in many advertisement media as well as being used as a backdrop for wedding photos, engagements and other memorable events.

Palm Beach

This two-mile-long strip of beach is the strip of the high-rise hotels in Aruba. It offer water sports, piers, beach bars, shopping and restaurants. Palm Beach is known for its calmer waters and is a safe place for all swimmers and snorkelers.

Palm Beach is the perfect beach for sunset walks. The view is incredible! You can also choose a romantic dinner on or by the water at one of the man hotel restaurants in Palm Beach. 

After the sun has set, the area on the roadside becomes a nightlife hub for clubbing, casinos, dining and lots of great shopping.

Baby Beach

Well known Baby Beach in the southern piece of Aruba, near San Nicolas, is a genuine Caribbean beach heaven. This beautiful half-moon sandy field in a quiet tidal pond is perfect for families with little children.

The shallow waters make it a prime beach goal for swimmers who get a kick out of the chance to swim out for a long separation and still touch the ocean floor. Where the stream opens out to the sea, Baby Beach additionally offers the ideal area for swimming; for your wellbeing please remain inside the stamped swim territory.

Baby Beach offers a refreshment stand where you can likewise appreciate a burger or hotdogs while blending with local people. Big Mama Grill offers bbq, and fish platters, in the event that you have a greater craving for food.

Beach beds, windscreens and snorkel gears are accessible at a rental charge. Complimentary cottages are put all through the beach to shield you from the sun. Close-by is a nearby jump shop offering snorkel and plunge outfit rentals.

Arashi Beach

The most loved beach within the local people, Arashi Beach brags delicate streams and plentiful submarine life, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Arashi Beach is a white sand beach north of Malmok Beach, simply off the road to the California Lighthouse, offering beach cottages, a fun bar and a huge parking lot. New highlights on this beach incorporate showers, relax seat rentals and live music at the bar. A fun beach for families!

Arashi is a great area for sun washing and simply relaxing on the beach, or watching Aruba's fabulous nightfall. Because of an unassuming surf swimmers have simple access yet amateur body-boarders will have some good times as well. When entering the sea on the left half of this beach you will achieve a phenomenal swimming zone with a rich submarine life.

Andicuri Beach

Located on the Island's windward drift, only south of the collapsed natural bridge, an area covered with white sand, leaving the beach fanatics in their very own universe. Local people have a tendency to go here.
Body-boarders cherish it here for the more grounded surfing; experienced swimmers can enter the water, yet should have the streams in mind.

In the event that you go for an adventure to Andicuri, make sure you follow the dirt road to see Black Stone Beach and an intriguing triple-curved limestone natural bridge.

Andicuri Beach brags a stunning and beautiful setting. The wide, sound is encased by coral-stone precipices of which a few sections accommodate a little shade. Because of its culminate waves and more grounded surfing, different local body-boarding rivalries are held here. Local people love to come here for the peace and calm, contrasted with the more well known beaches in Palm Beach.

There are no F&B facilities there, so bring your own snacks yet leave our shorelines clean. Driving and BBQ-in on the sand are probed

Boca Catalina

The completely clear and quiet waters make this nearby jewel Boca Catalina the ideal area for a private swim and swimming in Aruba.

Boca Catalina in Aruba is a little, detached narrows in the Malmok Beach territory. The white sandy beach is open by ventures from a roomy parking area alongside the road.
Amid weekdays you can have this quiet sound all to yourself; at the end of the week it pulls in a fun blend of local families and vacationers.

Boca Catalina offers a white sand beach territory with some beach cabins to shield you from the sun. There is a simple access to the perfectly clear sea, which influences this a perfect beach for groups of any age. Boca Catalina is well known with swimmers and individuals who are searching for a more private and quiet beach environment.

You will discover this beach on a short 5-minutes drive from the high rise resorts in Palm Beach on the fundamental road towards the California Beacon.

Boca Grandi

Consistent exchange of winds and testing waves makes Boca Grandi a Caribbean Beach heaven for cutting edge kite surfers and enthused observers. The current is solid here; swimming is firmly demoralized.

This beach pulls in the most exceptional and audacious kite surfers, local people and guests alike. Scavengers have a great time here, finding a wide range of driftwood, corals and curiosa the sea conveys to shore. As of late an interesting shoreline bar was added to this zone, giving chilled drinks.

Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba is an ideal stop on a drive to well known Baby Beach. It's just a 5 minute drive from downtown San Nicolas, the second biggest city in Aruba.

A brilliant red big anker marks the passageway to Boca Grandi Shoreline in Aruba. Keep in mind to exploit a photo of Boca Grandi Beach that makes for a stunning scenery of this special milestone.

Dos Playa

Dos Playa offers two bays in pure nature, open by foot. One inlet is a go-to for island surfers, with an expansive white-sand beach for sunbathing or relaxing under the shade of the ocean grape trees.

Guests of the Arikok National Park approach the remotely found Dos Playa beaches. It is an absolute necessity to go for individuals who like an untainted beach experience and are interested to investigate Aruba's most natural beaches. Try not to expect facilities or phone service here, simply disconnect of the world and embrace the nature.

Situated inside our Arikok National Park, make certain to add a visit to the moving hills of our local eatery and bar Boca Prins. On a short drive (or even walk) you will discover Boca Prins Eatery and Bar for refreshments, and a brisk chomp to eat.

Dos Playa offers access to an unpleasant sea with a solid undertow, so this zone isn't suited for unexperienced swimmers and body-boarders. If it's not too much trouble keep the zone perfect and touched; driving and bbq-ing on the sand is entirely prohibited.

Boca Prins

Arranged along the upper east coast in Aruba's National Park Arikok, this segregated beach shapes the ideal case for Aruba's north shore notorious landscape.

The white rises in high appear differently in relation to the rough shores making this ideal spot to exceptionally to take a swim. As amazing as it sounds, the sign set there firmly encourages guests not to enter the water due to the exceptionally solid and strong constant show of undertows.

Wooden stairs offer access to the beach territory of this unblemished cove, named after previous manor Prins close by the tough coastline of Aruba. You can fresh yourself up at the close by Boca Prins Eatery, while taking in the delightful condition and getting a charge out of the cool exchange winds our island which we are famous for.

Druif Beach

Here, rooms and eatery facilities are simply a steps away from the moderately quiet Caribbean waters. In spite of the fact that not very a long way from clamoring downtown Oranjestad, Druif Beach is a calm and unwinding spot.

Druif Beach is specifically associated with different beaches in the Eagle Beach region, together framing a miles-in length extend of white sand beaches. It's the fantastic setting for a day-long beach fun, water games and interesting beach strolls with the most astonishing sea view.

The quiet and completely clear waters make this zone ideal for swimming and wave runners or other activities. Both mechanized and non mechanized water sports are offered around there and a lot of beach cabins and seats accommodate awesome beach relaxing. Dynamic sun-sweethearts challenge loved ones on the beach volleyball field for some enjoyment in the sun, while others simply take in the astounding perspective and just unwind. Focus on the pelicans that house on posts in the water giving couleur area.

Hadicurari Beach

When home to the island's fisherman and named after the little hovels they worked here, Hadicurari Beach or Fisherman's Hut is the most famous spot in Aruba to learn and rehearse wind and kite surfing.

Hadicurari Beach, or Fisherman's Hut, is a rough strip out past the Marriott Aruba Resort, where windsurfers cut the water and the air transportation of brilliant kite-surf bows intersperse the horizon.Many wind and kite surf schools, paddle board and other non mechanized water sports are found here.

The Aruba Hi-Winds, is the biggest windsurfing occasion in the Caribbean is held each year in June or July off the beaches at the Fisherman's Hut at Hadicurari. The water is extremely shallow and quiet here influencing this beach to strip additionally a most loved for local families with kids.

Fun reality: Aruba born Sarah-Quita Offringa, different ladies' title holder free-form wind surfing, can be found in the dazzling waters of Hadicurari Beach when she isn't in worldwide waters contending on a PWA World Tour.

Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach in Aruba is a thin sandy extend that intrudes on the limestone and rough porch along Malmok's drift. Its shallow clear Caribbean water makes it a mainstream swimming spot in Aruba.

Here catamaran and sailboats stop for a daytime swimming stop simply because off the shoreline. Reefs and sunken wrecks close-by makes it into a brilliant diving spot. The quiet and completely clear waters (genuinely a portion of the best on the island) are ideal for an unwinding swim in the sea.

Malmok Beach is additionally the name of a local location with sprawling homes and an assortment of windsurfing for residents in Aruba. The principle street through the Malmok Beach zone is prompting the California Lighthouse, Tierra del Sol 18-hole golf field, Arashi Beach and other Aruba historic points and activities. Amid early morning and late evening hours the Malmok Beach road is a mainstream location in Aruba for open air exercises. The local people and vacationers hit the street, biking and climbing for their day by day exercise.

Mangel Halto

This disconnected beach is an impeccable sunning and swimming spot in Aruba with quiet, shallow waters rich in ocean life bolstered by an networks of mangroves.

Sun bathers that like a calm beach and  security have a tendency to go here. People in general beach cabins and shaded regions are likewise ideal for a beach excursion or to watch Aruba's nightfall. The territory offers a sand beach, a wooden sun deck, and access through the mangroves for untamed water kayaking and SUP boarding.

Mangel Halto Beach additionally fills in as a perfect diving spot. It is conceivable to exit to the edge of the reef to view such fish parrot angle, yellowtail,sergeant majors, snappers and blue tangs and profound water gorgonians, wipes and anemones. The reef dives to profundities of 110' where octopi, morays and barracuda flourish.

Surfside Beach

Unwind underneath the cooling shades of the Kwihi trees and appreciates a delightful nightfall while cruise ships and nearby fisherman's cruising by you.
Surfside Beach gloats a long, thin segment of beach, perfect for get-togethers and picnics under the trees and quiet waters that make this region a fantastic play area for SUP paddle boarding, kayaking and such. This beach city is arranged nearby the well known direct stop in downtown Oranjestad.
Surfside Beach has different bars and eateries, including ponchos, barefoot and Reflexions Beach Club.

Nearer towards the airport terminal an extensive delicate sand beach anticipates for a swim and sun bathing. Beach seats are for lease by Reflexions bar, and children can live it up in the amazing water park. This beach additionally is home to a diving school and an easygoing Surfside Beach Bar, close to the water's edge.
Surfside Beach is only a 2 minute drive from the airplane terminal and perfect for plane spotting.

Wariruri Beach

The unstoppable force of life was liberal here by making a stunning view of white sand ridges against a reasonable blue Caribbean Ocean, and furthermore cutting a pleasant natural bridge on Wariruri beach.

This sandy bay is found along Aruba's rough north shore, drawing in nearby surfers and fisherman's who cast their lines from the flanking limestone cliffs. Wariruri is accessible via auto and ATV, following the earth street along the north shore.

Despite the fact that Wariruri Beach is a spectacular beach for pictures, the surf and undertow are excessively solid here so swimming isn't permitted. Beach combers should need to invest some energy in the beach gathering shells and driftwood found washed shorewards. On your approach to or from Wariruri Beach you will discover different attractions along the north shore coastline, for example, the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Alto Vista Chapel and the well known, now-fallen Natural Bridge and still in place Baby Bridge.

Rodgers Beach

Rodger's Beach is a limited fine white strip near Baby Beach, yet has a more authentic feel to it as anglers stay their vivid boats here, secured by the quiet waters of the strait.
Amid the week Rodger's Beach is peaceful and impeccable to read a book or enjoy the perfectly clear Caribbean waters; on ends of the week this Aruba beach is regularly populated by local families. On the off chance that you need to avoid the group you'll discover on Palm Beach and Baby Beach, this is an incredible, calmer option.

Adjacent to Rodger's Beach is a local dive shop offering snorkel and dive outfit rentals, a shower and an eatery. In the event that you need to investigate the fun, bars and submerged universe of Baby Beach you will arrive in a moment's drive.

Fun truth: Rodger's Beach was named after the English Skipper Rodger, who opened Aruba's first oil refinery in San Nicolas, Aruba Lago Refinery in 1928. With skipper Rodger at its steerage, the refinery conveyed success to Aruba. The refinery can be seen from Rodger's Beach.

Natural Bridges

Thousands of years of pounding waves and strong winds have gradually carved away at the limestone cliffs along Aruba's north coast to make eight characteristic bridges, the biggest and most renowned being the Normal Bridge, located at Andicuri Beach. Before collapsing in 2005, it was the most great structure of its kind in all the Caribbean. The Normal Bridge demolish is as yet a tourist fascination, with the still-in place Baby Bridge close-by additionally meriting a visit.

California Dunes

California Dunes

The California Dunes are a protected nature reserve located at Hudishibana, an area at the northwestern tip of the Island. Named after the celebrated ship that wrecked simply offshore, these moving dunes of pristine sand soften the cratered limestone scene and give a roost from which to respect the waves slamming along the rocky shore and the California Lighthouse standing watchman on the plateau close-by.